Just as black becomes visible on the top of anything white, so as love becomes very very clearly visible in the midst of the darkness.

That’s why they didn’t think of Jesus as an insan man claiming that He is God. They think of Him bery controversial—opposing Him even those who doesn’t believe that thete really is a God—Atheist always wanting to debate, satanists burns cross inside of their church, ordinary people hating people who loves God like. The fact is we all notice Jesus and are so curious about His Words. Even the infamous leaders we know like Hitler and King Nero. But why do everyone notice Him? It’s because His love is intriguing and at the same time so scandalous.

I mean come on, He is the light of everyone in the world says in John 1:9 And everyone sees that light. Everyone in the world sees Jesus. Everyone at the back of their heart and mind know that there is really God and are longing for Him because our body is made for Him only. But the light is so bright and His love is so good to be true that we have different responses.. So how do you respond when you hear the name Jesus or see someone praising Him or living for Him?:)

God bless.